ACCA F6考试:Employment Income-Exempt benefits

Exempt Benefits——F6中重要考点,如下内容需要考生掌握

Job-related accommodation.

Subsidised canteen available to all staff.

Removal expenses up to £8,000 per move paid for by an employer for a new employment position or when an employee's job is relocated.

Incidental personal expenses paid by the employer while the employee is required to stay away overnight on company business—up to £5 per night in UK, £10 per night abroad (e.g. telephoning home, newspapers, laundry). If the amount received exceeds the £5 or £10 limit, the whole amount received is then taxable.

Car parking spaces at or near place of work.

Use of a pool car.

Use of van, unless private use is significant.

Workplace nursery provision (or crèche) on non-domestic premises with registered providers of childcare.

Alternatively, weekly payments by an employer to enable an employee to meet the costs of an approved childcare provider are exempt as follows:

Basic rate taxpayers £55 per week

Higher rate taxpayers £28 per week

Additional rate taxpayers £25 per week

Contributions by employers into registered pension schemes.

Sport and recreational facilities for staff, provided that the facilities are not available to the public generally.

Outplacement counselling services to employees after being made redundant.

Employee liability and indemnity insurance.

Staff parties, etc provided cost per head does not exceed £150 per year.

Small loans (under £10,000 in total) from an employer.

Provision of one mobile telephone for exclusive use by the relevant employee.

Provision of work buses, public bus fare subsidies and bicycles and bicycle safety equipment aimed at encouraging employees to get to work by means other than by use of their private cars.

Non-cash long-service awards provided the award is in respect of at least 20 years' service and does not cost the employer in excess of £50 per year of service.

Hospitality and other non-cash gifts received by virtue of employment from a third party so long as the total value of the gifts from any one source does not exceed £250 in the tax year and the gifts are not made in recognition of the performance of particular services in the course of the employment.

Travel expenses incurred where public transport is disrupted, late-night journeys are required or a car-sharing arrangement breaks down.

Entertainment provided for employees by third parties (e.g. seats at sporting or cultural events).

Awards up to £5,000 under a staff suggestion scheme.

The costs of work-related training.

Air miles and the other loyalty awards acquired through business travel, etc.

Provision of staff uniforms and protective clothing for work purposes.

Routine health checks and screening.

Vouchers for eye tests and corrective spectacles for VDU use.

Long-service awards up to £50 per year of service, provided service with same employer for at least 20 years.

Non-cash gifts provided by third parties (i.e. customers and suppliers) not exceeding £250 per year.