ACCA 与CGA 互认政策

ACCA and the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada (CGA-Canada) have a global mutual recognition agreement (MRA). Originally signed in 2006, the agreement was renewed in July 2011 and will run for another five years until 2016.

This MRA strengthens the already excellent relationship between the two bodies and has already provided a route for many qualified members of each association to become a member of the other body, and enjoy the benefits which both organisations can offer, which include increased international recognition and improved professional mobility.

Central to the agreement is the requirement that, in order to gain membership of each body, members of both bodies must successfully complete an overview course in Canadian/UK tax and law, approved by both ACCA and CGA-Canada. The CGA-Canada course is available online, enabling ACCA members to commence the application process to become members of CGA-Canada.

Please note that:

·members of both bodies who apply under the terms of this agreement will be required to maintain membership of their original designation

·the MRA does not convey practice rights; members of both bodies wishing to obtain a practising certificate for general public practice or audit work from either ACCA or CGA-Canada will have to meet the additional requirements specified by each body.

CGAs wishing to apply for membership of ACCA should use the application form in the 'Related Documents' area below. ACCA members can obtain the relevant CGA application form directly from CGA-Canada by using the external link on the bottom of this page.