Be a Successful Socializer

Here are the top tips for socializing at work:

1. Walk and talk: Take a five-minute break from your desk every 90 minutes, and walk around and say hi to a co-worker.

2. Prep your intro: Practice a short "elevator speech" about who you are, what you stand for and what your interests are when you know you're going to meet new co-workers.

3. Be strategic: Introduce yourself to people you don't know who interest you or have a job you'd like to know more about.

4. Connect: Notice what's on someone's desk and ask about it as an icebreaker.

5. Expand: Socialize with everyone on your team so there's no hint of favoritism.

6. Keep it classy: Drink in moderation and discuss only neutral topics at work functions.

7. Unplug: Give LinkedIn a rest periodically and telephone your contacts.

8. Check in: After you meet someone, follow up within 24 hours with a call, email, or text.